Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not listed here, please contact me!

How should I clean a piece by Kai Hill?

If your sterling silver piece has become tarnished you might try…

  • gently brushing the piece with a soft toothbrush and any sort of toothpaste. I recommend Arm&Hammer or Crest. If it has a stone, avoid the stone itself as much as possible.

  • If you have a dirty chain, I will replace it for you at a discounted price.

If your piece is brass and tarnished…

  • I recommend sending it back to me, as I will clean it and re-apply the protective coating.

Can I get my jewelry wet?

Yes, if it is sterling silver and does not have any wood or leather components. Sometimes sea water or chlorine will tarnish a piece, but refer to cleaning instructions above.

Avoid getting any brass or copper pieces wet! They do have a protective coating, but too much moisture can damage the coating.

How can I tell if my piece is sterling silver?

Most sterling silver jewelry made by any jeweler, including me will have a sterling stamp. This can be either “.925” or “sterling” found somewhere on the piece. All silver-looking pieces that you buy from me are Sterling Silver (.925), or Fine Silver (.999). Sometimes I forget to stamp things but I give you my guarantee!