A Perpetual Performance by the Frenetic Collective

I graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the Colorado College, and completed my thesis in the Spring of 2018. My thesis was made up of a group of mechanical sculptures made out of jewelry materials using jewelry techniques. The overarching theme in the collection of mechanical creature/machines was the frailty and persistence of the body. As someone with scoliosis and a dangerously long neck, my own body is constantly clicking and whirring and grinding itself into disrepair by my need to persist. Most of the pieces ground themselves down over the course of a week as their gears rubbed themselves smooth with effort, or moved in fits and starts. All sculptures in the show were participants in the Perpetual Performance, and members of the Frenetic Collective.

Unfortunately many photos and most video footage of the show were lost in a catastrophic cyber incident. So it Goes. 

Photos by Crispin Whittier, Videos by Myself.

“Kyros” Materials: Brass, copper, nickel, clock motor, fishing line, acrylic sheet, found pulley.

“Antique Singer” Materials: Brass, copper, wood, speaker wire, acrylic, 8rpm motor, unidentified piston motor, steel wire.

Kai Hill