Kai Hill Metalsmithing

Reality Strikes

Kai Hill

After the initial excitement of having this incredibly cool vessel settled down, the large number of rust holes, dents, scrapes, and leaky areas started to filter through my rose colored glasses. As we began to remove excess metal, such as the aluminum patch on the front, large patches of rust and gaping holes revealed themselves. It became abundantly clear that this project is going to be no small feat of patience and labor. While dealing with mildew, mosquitos, ants, assassin beatles and a hurricane, Crispin and I managed to patch the rust by grinding, sanding, and smearing Bondo everywhere. Bondo is somehow simultaneously the best thing ever and the most toxic and disgusting material I have ever come across. We stripped all of the old rotted wood paneling out of the interior walls, and cut out the whole interior front tack cabinet structure. I would like to stress that none of this would have been possible without the generosity of Henry and Judith. We had full access to welding tools, a carpentry workshop, invaluable expert advice, and a the comforting knowledge that all of our scrap metal would be used one day in one of Henry’s incredible recycled metal sculptures.