Kai Hill Metalsmithing


Kai Hill

I have always had a knack for strings… I spent outrageous amounts of time as a child making bracelets, knitting, finger weaving… etc. I even happily spent four hours untangling a horrible 60 yard mess of worsted cotton yarn.

When I began weaving in college on a loom with the one and only Jeanne Steiner, I was hooked. During her summer block at the Colorado College, I wove the periwinkle Tunic on an eight harness Gilmore floor loom. I dyed the cotton, and wove the tunic in three simultaneous layers: the back, the front, and the pockets. In my non-existent free time after the class was over, I wove the grey wool Tunic in two simultaneous layers.

Circuit Board Cocktail Collar

Kai Hill

Introducing the most spectacular collaboration with TechWears! An elegant circuitboard cocktail necklace made with timeless metalsmithing techniques and an innovative technological twist. This collaboration operates over long distance. I design the piece in North Carolina, Drew Johnson of TechWears cuts each component with a laser cutter out of recycled circuitboard in Colorado. He then sends them back to me to make the fitted metal frame, and then I send it back one more time to get filled and finished with resin. This necklace was recently accepted into this year’s Jewelry and Metals Survey publication (JaMS) of the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG). To see more like it, go to techwears.com/pages/metalsmithing.